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Welcome to the Calculators Section

There are two versions of the calculators available, our standard calculators use pre-defined parameters to estimate quantities etc. The customised calculators allows the parameters to be varied to suit your business needs.

There are also mobile apps for both iTunes and Android, click the button on the right for more details.

If you are already a registered user, and wish to use your customised parameters, enter your userid and password and click login.

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The standard calculators are free to use, but the customised calculators require you to register with us.

Once registered you will be able to customise the calculator parameters and then use them for a trial period of 2 days, after which a small subscription of 50p per calendar month is needed for continued use.

If you wish to use the free calculators click the Continue button above, otherwise click the register button below and complete the registration form for your free trial.

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