Solar Bay Gold Metallic Polymer Single Bubble Insulation, Double Foiled, Available in sizes up to 75m2.


Length: 20 – 25m

Thickness:  4mm

Coverage:  From 30 to 75 sqm

Water and Vapour resistant

Twin Radiant Barrier

Radiant Emissivity

Against an uninsulated space
up to 8° heat retention



Gold Foil is a stunning addition to the Solar Bay insulation range.
Gold Foil is used by space agencies around the globe as its heat insulation properties, in regards to solar radiation, is one of the best insulators available against UV light. It is one of the ways that NASA keep their delicate instruments at an appropriate temperature in the depths of space.

When used in a home structure you should find that the same amazing properties are applied, the golden layer of foil will reflect radiant heat back out of the structure during the hotter periods of the year, and also keep expensive heating costs down in the colder months.

Double Foil Insulation, works on the principle of reflecting radiant heat back into a structure or space.
This also works during summer periods by reflecting heat away from the structure, keeping the internal temperature lower than an uninsulated space.

Can be fitted in roof spaces, walls, outdoor buildings such as sheds and garages.

  • Metallic Polymer Foil Bubble insulation
  • Easy to Fit, Lightweight and Flexible
  • Keeps spaces warmer in Winter, saves on heating costs.
  • Reflects radiant energy to keep spaces cooler in Summer.
  • Proven to retain up to 8°C against uninsulated spaces of similar size.
  • Proven to keep internal temperatures cooler in direct Radiant Heat (Summer periods) by up to 7°C.
  • Not affected by moisture or condensation.

Fitting Instructions:

  • Cut strips to fit using Scissors or Blade Master Safety cutter (Can be fitted vertically or horizontally)
  • Fix directly to rafters/beams/wooden supports using staples.
  • Overlap any edges and seal with an appropriate tape to form an air tight seal.
  • If boarding over add battens to leave a 20mm air gap between board and insulation.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Sizes Available

12m2, 30m2, 37.5m2, 60m2, 75m2


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