15sqm Rolls of SuperFOIL SF19 Multifoil Reflective Insulation


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SuperFOIL SF19 is the UK’s best value multi-layer foil insulation. Consisting of 19 layers of reflective foil and thermo foam separation layers SF19 provides exceptional performance at affordable costs.

In situ energy assessment indicates that multilayer foils have benefits over traditional (non reflective) insulation. SuperFOIL SF19 provides a barrier to the movement of air and controls air leakage. The control of air leakage is essential to the further improvement of energy efficiency.

SuperFOIL SF19 is also CE certified for its performance as a vapour and water barrier. It is easier to handle, install, cut, and seal than other forms of building insulation, and has a life expectancy in excess of 50 years. Performance is tested to the standards required and approved for Building Regulations by UK Certified Test laboratories.

SuperFOIL has fully woven outer foil layers making it the strongest multifoil material aiding installation and reducing waste. SuperFOIL is LABC Registered System approved which helps streamline Building Regulation applications saving time and money!

Specification Data
Roof R-value 2.27
Wall R-value 2.73
Floor R-value 4.37
Thickness Installed 40mm
Weight Per Roll 13kg
Dimensions Packed 1.5m x 420mm
Roll Dimensions 1.5m x 10m
Total Area Per Roll 15 sqm
Description Layers
Reinforced Heavy Duty Double Foil Laminated Outer Layers 2
Aluminium Coated Reflective Foil PET Layers 6
Thermo Foam Separation Layers 8
Loft Quilt 80g/sqm Layers 3
Total Layers 19
Packing 142 Poly Tube

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Weight 15 kg


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