Rainbow Silicone RAL Coloured Silicone Range



Rainbow Silicone Sealant made to RAL Colours. All contain anti-mould properties. For use around Windows and Doors, Kitchen and Bathroom.

Available in a range of colours, this product can be used with glass, ceramic, tiles, uPVC, anodised aluminium and much more to provide an elastic and waterproof seal.



Rainbow Silicone Sealant made to RAL Colours. All contain anti-mould properties. For use around Windows and Doors, Kitchen and Bathroom.

Rainbow Silicone is RAL Coloured and Suitable for indoor and/or outdoor use. It will bond to many types of surface including Metal, Plastic, Brick and Wood. This product also Contains Anti-Mould Properties, ideal for kitchen , bathroom and sanitary uses. This Low Modulus, Neutral Curing Silicone Sealant which has excellent adhesion to many surfaces is unaffected by water, sun, and in general, by the weather. It does not contract or crack, neither is there any sweating.


  • Specially designed for applications requiring sealants with RAL colour chart or special custom colours.
  • Application in expansion joint in buildings, glazing, windows installation (lacquered aluminium frames, PVC, wood metal, etc),
  • Suitable for sanitary applications in Kitchens, Bathrooms and Showers
  • Each cartridge size is 300ml

Each Rainbow Silicone is sold via RAL Colours, the images displayed are for photographic purposes. It should always be noted that all displays, unless calibrated, can show colours differently. Please allow for these variations when ordering.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the colours depicted on the following chart are for guidelines only due to variances in computer graphics cards and/or monitors setup. For more accuracy view a hard copy RAL colour chart. We can’t be held responsible for any mis-match as the accuracy of each computer screen our users view our website with will vary. To ensure optimal results, we recommend a compatibility test between the sealant and the surface.

Additional information

Weight 0.400 kg
Available Colours

1002 – Sand Yellow, 1003 – Signal Yellow, 1013 – Oyster White, 1015 – Light Ivory, 1019 – Grey Beige, 2011 – Deep Orange, 3000 – Flame Red, 3020 – Traffic Red, 5002 – Ultramarine Blue, 5010 – Gentian Blue, 5012 – Light Blue, 5024 – Pastel Blue, 6003 – Olive Green, 6005 – Moss Green, 6018 – Yellow Green, 6019 – Pastel Green, 6025 – Fern Grey, 7001 – Silver Grey, 7002 – Olive Grey, 7010 – Tarpaulin Grey, 7011 – Iron Grey, 7015 – Slate Grey, 7016 – Anthracite Grey, 7023 – Concrete Grey, 7031 – Blue Grey, 7032 – Pebble Grey, 7035 – Light Grey, 7036 – Platinum Grey, 7037 – Dusty Grey, 7038 – Agate Grey, 7042 – Traffic Grey A, 7045 – Telegray 1, 9001 – Cream, 9002 – Grey White, 9007 – Aluminium


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