Packs of 0.7 x 150mm Copper Tingles Roofing Slate Straps




Pack of Copper Tingles, 0.7 x 150mm Slate Straps for Roof Repair


All Copper tingles are Available as single or multiple quantities.
Hiqh Quality Copper, ideal for a quick and easy installation to repair broken or slipping slates.

A good quality slate roof can be expected to last longer than most other roofing options, typically they will last over a century if there is no physical damage. However time and weather do not always leave slates intact and can often lead to slates becoming damaged or loosen.

  • Damage to slates can happen due to the roof settling, frost, storms or just things falling on to them from nearby trees.
  • Loose slates are more often the result of poorly fitted nails, or poor quality fixings that rust away. Cheaper slates can also disintegrate around the nail holes.

Fitting Instructions

  • Avoid lifting surrounding slates by using a slate ripper, which can be slid between the slates to cut or remove fixing nails.
  • It may be necessary to slightly tilt and lever up slates around the damaged area.
  • Use the Copper Tingles to hold the replacement slate in place, ensure the hole is towards the top and fix to batten with a short non corrosive nail.
  • Carefully raise the slates in the row above and push the new slate up under and align the lower edge with the slates to the left and right.
  • Having pushed the slate into position bend the bottom of the tingle around the the lower edge of the slate. The tingle should now hold the slate in place and stop any slipping.



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