75mm Copper Nails Various Quantity Packs




Copper Nails 3.35mm x 75mm

These can be used as copper clout roofing nails or as tree stump killers

Near the base of the target tree, hammer in a copper nail at a slight angle pointing downward.  There is no standard as far as size goes when choosing copper nails but, generally, the bigger the nail (and consequently surface area of copper) the more effective treatment will be.

Continue hammering nails in a ring around the tree, about one-half inch apart.  Doing so will damage an increased number of growth cells as well as increase the concentration of copper in the tree.  This higher concentration will increase the chance of the metal oxidizing, which poisons the tree.  The idea that only one copper nail can kill a tree is only true for very small trees, such as saplings.  Larger trees can tolerate a single nail without issue and will simply grow over the nail in time with no ill effects.

Cover nails heads with mud if necessary to conceal unsightly nail heads.

Once the tree is dead, remove the nails before removing the tree.  Failure to do this could lead to nails flying out and injuring a person or any machinery being used.

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