Thermal Silver TSTV Thermal Vapour Barrier MP Foil 37.5m2 (1.5 x 25m)



TSTV Thermal Vapour barrier is an all round Radiant barrier for use in all situations.

An all round building membrane with Radiant and vapour Barrier suitable for use in roofs, walls and floors in both New builds and Retrofit work.

The radiant barrier will ensure a warmer structure in winter and a cooler structure in summer, reducing expensive heating costs.

Makes an ideal air tight layer suitable for the entire insulation envelope.



WIDTH: 1.5m
COVERAGE: 37.5m2

Fitting Instructions:

  • Cuts with Scissors, very simple to fit.
  • Cut to size, and apply over battens making sure to overlap any joins.
  • Seal all overlaps to create an airtight vapour barrier with an appropriate foil tape.
  • Fits with staples.



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Weight 9 kg


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