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50 x 100 x 300 Aluminium Soakers

Product Code: 50U52

Aluminium Soakers - 50mm x 100mm x 300mmrecyclable aluminium

  • priced individually, from 74p
  • other sizes are available
  • only purchase what you need
  • pre-formed for ease of use
  • cost effective alternative to lead
  • thinner than lead soakers - slates sit flatter
  • will not sag over time
  • will not warp, crack or discolour
  • lightweight & durable

Alluminium abutment soakers for use where you are forming a pitched roof against an existing wall.

For slates & tiles:
The aluminium soaker, bent through 90Ëš, is interleaved at every course.
A cloak flashing is then attached to the vertical surface, covering the soakers and stopping 10 - 12mm from the face of the slates.

Various sizes are available in zinc soakers & aluminium soakers,



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