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Thermal multi foil insulation for roofs, floors & walls

SF19, SF40 & SFUF SuperFoil Insulation is an easy to use, versatile, independently tested, multi layer multi foil insulation. SF19 and SF40 foil insulation can be used in roof, wall and floor insulating applications. Insulation for your house, office or workshop. Superfoil Insulation is ideal for use in Loft Conversions, Renovations, converting garages into playroom and much much more.

Conventional insulators such as fibreglass, foam, and PUR insulation are effective insulators against convectional and conductive heat transfer but when the majority of your heat loss can be radiant heat loss it makes sense to use a foil insulation that easily and effectively combats this waste of heat and energy.

Utilising multiple layers of reinforced laminated foil, aluminium mylar coated foil, thermo foam and 80g quilt superfoil multi foil insulation is the thickest foil insulator of its type in the UK. With an independently certified hot box tested R Value of 2.218 for SF19 & 3.564 for SF40 and its ease of installation place an order.

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From as little as 103.53 per 18.75m roll, that equates to 5.53 per m.

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