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Roof Insulation Quantites Calculator

This roof insulation calculator will tell you how many rolls of foil insulation you would need to order for your roof insulation.
It will also calculate the insulation that you need if you are using quilt insulation in your roof space(mineral wool insulation/glasswool insulation).

The calculations will work with the applications shown below.

Please enter the dimensions in the white fields below. The calculations will be completed when you leave the last input field.

Length of the room to be insulated  Metres
Total width of the room to be insulated  Metres
Measure the walls/ceiling and enter it here (see below for various measuring options)  Metres
Foil insulation for walls and ceilings
  - square Metres
  - rolls of our foil insulation
pur/pir insulation for between rafters (celotex. kingspan etc)
  - square Metres
  - sheets (based on 2.4 x 1.2m (8'x4))
Quilt insulation for between floor joists.
  - square Metres
  - 100mm rolls (based on 10.64m2 per roll)
  - 150mm rolls (based on 6.99m2 per roll)
  - 200mm rolls (based on 5.53m2 per roll)
Plasterboard required to board the walls & ceilings
  - Sheets (based on 2.4m x 1.2m (8'x4'))

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The images below show typical structures which can use this calculator.

To calculate the floor width, measure the dimensions shown in BLUE.

To calculate the total wall and ceiling figure, measure the dimensions shown in GREEN.